Our work is inspired by the ocean's beauty, our love for it, and our desire to protect it. 


Our mission is to help keep the oceans clean from debris and protect marine life, that is why we donate 5% of all One Ocean Apparel proceeds towards non-profit's with similar missions to ours. 

We do this by organizing and hosting local volunteer beach cleanups, but also by partnering with Cape Ann Maritime Partnership (or CAMP) to combat marine pollution in Gloucester, MA. Our goal is to help purchase a Seabin by The Seabin Project. This innovative technology collects marine debris and oil from the water 24/7.


So far we have collected over

77 pounds

of hard plastics

from the our beach cleanups & sent them to Terracyle to be upcycled into Shampoo Bottles. 

(Plus LOTS of other trash & debris)

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#keepitcleanbeaches #respectthelocals

At One Ocean being a green, environmentally friendly business whenever possible is more than just a goal. It is our lifestyle. All clothing tags, shopping bags, and printing paper are made from recycled material. We ship using ecoenclose poly mailers that are also made of recycled material, can be used more than once with dual adhesive strips, and can be recycled after its final use! If you receive a package from our online store please don't forget to reuse our mailers! We are also big advocates of reducing single use plastics in our daily life. Check out the blog page for some tips!