Jamie Mathison

Owner & Artist

Jamie came up with the idea to carve linoleum blocks and print clothing items while sitting on a beach in Laguna, California back in 2014. She started the company out of her 600 square foot apartment that sits right on the innermost part of Gloucester Harbor. Jamie is the artist and sole designer behind the One Ocean brand! She comes up with all the designs, carves them, and prints them completely by herself. When shes not printing shes out on her boat, walking her two dogs, or picking up trash off the local beaches.


Sarah Steward

General Manager

Sarah graduated from the University of Maine business school with a degree in Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. She handles all of the day to day functions of running a small business. Sarah is thrilled to be perusing a career that she is so passionate about while working along side her super talented sister.  When shes not working on the companies social media accounts, you can find her: at the beach, kayaking, boating, or exploring with her dog. 





Together sisters Jamie and Sarah tackle the retail industry while trying to make a difference in the world.  Both share similar values in maintaining a green, sustainable, eco-friendly company that gives back whenever possible.