Earth Day Cleanup

The Great Gloucester Cleanup! 

In honor of Earth Day One Ocean One Love Shop along with other local organizations and businesses in town hosted five locations around Gloucester to clean up. Together we all came together to make a difference in our local community. This year our cleanup has partnered with Terracyle to send in all the hard plastics we collect to be up-cycled into Head & Shoulders Shampoo bottles! Check out the awesomeness below!

The turnout was amazing! We had well over 100 people register to attend the 5 locations city wide. Our Cripple Cove location had around 50 volunteers alone! So many amazing people came out on, a somewhat cold and dreary, Earth Day to pick up trash around our local community. After giving a brief pep talk all volunteers were off on their way! Some headed towards Cripple Cove landing while others headed towards the state fish pier. 

After only two hours of scavenging along the shoreline of the inner harbor volunteers started heading back with their bags of trash. In the end we had about 30 plus bags of trash, and 15 bags of hard plastics that would be sent to Terracycle! This doesn't even include the four other locations around town. We found everything from bottles to hubcaps, even a broken apart porta-potty! EW!